'Healthy Cattle, Healthy Profits' Beef Conference 2018

Thursday, 22 November, 2018

The UFU along with CAFRE, LMC, AFBI and NBA held a ‘Healthy Cattle, Healthy Profits’ conference on Wednesday, 21 November at CAFRE’S Greenmount Campus, Antrim with over two hundred delegates in attendance. 

The objectives of the conference were to highlight what the industry currently does well, but also to identify areas for improvement. Speakers from both practical farming and research backgrounds shared their knowledge of how best to improve the health of their cattle and in turn receive a healthier profit.

Attached below are the guest speakers presentations: 

Sean Fee: Animal disease surveillance at AFBI

Barry McInerney: Disease prevention - why and how? 

Jamie Robertson: Design for health ventilation without a draught

John Yeomans: A farmer perspective on suckler cow performance and carcass classification

Doug Dear: A unique beef finishing service on a contract system

Francis Breen: The Better Farm Challenge NI experience

Joe Milligan: The Better Farm Challenge NI experience

Conall Donnelly: Implications if Brexit for the beef market