Farmers urged to be vigilant as increased activist activity reported

Friday, 4 October, 2019


The Ulster Farmers’ Union is encouraging farmers to increase their vigilance following recent reports of increased activist activity on or near local farms.

UFU deputy president, David Brown said, “Sadly, we are receiving increasing reports of activists trespassing on or near local farms seeking to record legal, routine farm activities. These activists then frequently distort these recordings and use them out of context to develop their own propaganda material. This type of militant activism has no place in agriculture and it is despicable that hard working farmers, doing their jobs, might be recorded and falsely portrayed.”

“It is very disappointing that farmers, who already meet stringent environmental and animal welfare standards through cross compliance and farm quality assurance schemes, are facing ‘trial by social media’ when edited, misleading photos and video clips are published by self-serving militant, activists. The reputation of our world-class industry’s reputation is at stake and the UFU is encouraging all farmers and their employees to ensure that they continue to work to the high standards that our industry adheres to,” said Mr Brown.