County Armagh farmer wins UFU Winter Wheat Competition

Friday, 20 September, 2019

The Ulster Farmers’ Union along with competition sponsors Syngenta have crowned Simon Best from the UFU Armagh Down Group first place in the Winter Wheat category this year.

A very close second place was awarded to Hugh and Lowry McCollum of the UFU North West Derry Group, and coming in a respectable third place was David & Alan Wallace of the UFU South Antrim Group.

Speaking on behalf of the winter wheat judges, Robin Bolton from CAFRE said, “The judges were impressed by the very high overall standard of entries which in turn made it one of the closest competitions for years.  Unlike some recent years where weather has played a big part in the results this year’s weather has provided a more level playing field across the province and this is reflected in the geographic spread of winners.  The winners are to be commended for producing excellent fields of wheat with very high yield potential and very good weed and disease control. The judges would also like to thank the UFU, the sponsors and all entrants at group and regional level for making the competition possible.”

UFU deputy president David Brown said, “The standard of Winter Wheat crops grown across Northern Ireland, in particular the entries to our prestigious competition is a testament to the expertise we have within the arable industry. I would like to thank our sponsor Syngenta who continue to enthusiastically support and promote our cereal competitions, the competition judges, our Group Managers who co-ordinate the local competitions, and the many UFU members who entered this year’s Winter Wheat competition.”

The awards for the Winter Barley, Oats, Winter Wheat and Spring Barley cereal competition categories will be officially presented at the 2019 UFU and sponsors Cereals Competition Awards and lunch planned for later this year.

Photo Caption: Pictured with the winning crop in Simon Best, UFU Armagh Down Group.