Constructive meeting with newly appointed Finance Minister

Wednesday, 25 September, 2013

The Ulster Farmers’ Union has described its recent meeting with newly appointed
Finance Minister Simon Hamilton as  “constructive and encouraging.” Representatives from the Union met with the new Minister to highlight a number of key issues that are concerning farmers. 

UFU President Harry Sinclair said; “Our agri-food industry is a significant contributor of the Northern Ireland economy, both in terms of revenue and jobs, and I believe the Finance Minister recognises this. I wanted to raise a number of important issues with the Minister such as the implementation of the NI Agri-Food Strategy Board; the roll out of the new CAP in Northern Ireland; bank lending; land vesting compensation; and renewable energy potential on farms to ensure that they are all firmly on his radar. 

“I feel confident that the Finance Minister has a good grasp of both the importance of the agri-food industry and its potential for growth. Farmers are the foundation of this vital industry and decision makers cannot afford to forget about them.”