Cereal growers need local support, says UFU

Friday, 2 August, 2019

The Ulster Farmers’ Union is encouraging livestock farmers and the feed industry in Northern Ireland, to support their local growers and buy homegrown grain as harvest gets underway.

UFU seeds and cereals chairman, David Matthews said, “Grain harvest is now in full swing across the country. After months of planning and having successfully delivered the best possible crop rotation protocols, farms are open for business and are eager to trade locally in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Grain is a strong seller and arable farmers are looking towards the possibility of forward selling for the coming months, rather than relying on the spot market which left many of our members in a frustrating predicament previously. I would encourage all growers to speak to their customers and discuss the subject of forward selling, many buyers are willing to co-operate because thinking long-term and planning ahead benefits them as well.”

Mr Matthews says weather conditions to date have been favourable, which has had a positive impact on production.  “We are producing high-quality grain and the bushel weight has been reported as excellent, which translates into a good feed conversion. Feed utilised on farms, traded from one farm to another or to local mills, is good news for the livestock sector in terms of traceability and farm quality insurance. Therefore, I encourage livestock farmers and the Northern Ireland feed industry to support their local growers and conduct business locally. By doing so, they will be supporting their neighbouring farming families, the wider agriculture industry in Northern Ireland and contributing to the care of our rural environment.”