BVDP ban at abattoirs having a positive effect

UFU Commodity Watch written by policy officer Dr Geoff Thompson

In recent weeks, the UFU’s Animal Health and Welfare committee has been monitoring the impact of the ban on BVD Positive (BVDP) animals at NIMEA meat processing plants. At this stage, the ban, which came into effect on 1st May 2018, appears to be delivering the desired results. As of the 26th of March 2018, there was 1,299 BVDP animals alive within Northern Ireland. By the start of June, this figure had fallen to 1,025, a reduction of 274 PI animals or 21%, which is considerable given that it is inclusive of the spring calving period when more Persistently Infected (PI) calves were being born. Additionally, early figures suggest that the move is resulting in BVDP animals being disposed of quicker with 71% of positive animals born in February being disposed of within 35 days of the application of the status as opposed to 63% in January. The improvement in both measures is positive as we continue to drive towards BVD eradication and we are hopeful that this trend will continue to build momentum as more BVDP animals are removed from the system quicker, thereby reducing the risk of further disease spread and producing less positives during the coming months.


Additionally, due to some ongoing issues, the UFU would like to remind farmers of the following key messages:

Adequate postage should be applied to envelopes containing tissue samples as there is still some envelopes not being delivered to laboratories due to underpayment of the postage (i.e. a large letter stamp now costs £1.01).
If your mobile number has changed, please text your Herd Number to AHWNI on 07340023814 from your new phone in order to continue receiving test results to your mobile.
Please ensure that your animals are registered on APHIS as quickly as possible so that BVD statuses can be uploaded at the earliest opportunity.