Arable farmers are assets to the environment, says UFU

Thursday, 8 August, 2019

The Ulster Farmers’ Union says arable farmers are one of agriculture’s countryside custodians and the welfare of our environment plays a vital role in the success of grain harvest.

UFU seeds and cereals chairman, David Matthews said, “Arable farmers work in partnership with the land because in order to produce high quality grain, the ground they farm must be in the best condition possible. While the weather plays a huge part, the foundation for a great harvest is the soil. Arable farming businesses revolve around the maintenance of the countryside. We are always thinking about soil health and every effort is taken to ensure the right nutrients and trace elements are available for the crops to optimise yield during planting and growing season.”

With harvest now in full swing, Mr Matthews says months of forward planning for this period results in environmental benefits.

“At this time of year, you’ll see golden crops dotted around the country due to months of forward planning involving the best possible crop rotation protocols, maximising crop potential, taking care of the soil and environment, using necessary measures to prevent soil erosion and protect rivers from runoff. Like all farmers we are custodians of the countryside and arable farming delivers a range of environmental benefits including grass margins, wild bird cover, and winter stubble options to mention a few. The importance of harvest preparation and harvest stretches beyond the farmer,” said Mr Matthews.