• In today’s world of regulation and inspections it is very reassuring to know that as a member , the support and knowledge of the Ulster Farmers Union is only a phone call away .The expertise and depth of knowledge that the Policy Officers and Technical Officers have right across all aspects of our industry is second to none. When a situation arose on our farm involving the Environment Agency, the support and advice we received from the Union proved invaluable. We suddenly found ourselves in a situation completely outside our previous experience and the fact that the Union was there for us at every stage made a huge difference.

    Ruth Irvine

  • Having a UFU membership is a very prudent investment. Members have access to a highly motivated team who are fighting for the best results that can be obtained to help our farming business.

    Sam Chesney

  • Having attended the Presidents Area Meeting in Omagh, and listened to the presentations and debate over questions posed, I would like to put on record my personal thanks and appreciation to the President Ian Marshall and the UFU staff for the work on behalf of the membership. May I also congratulate Ian on his very professional presentation style, it gives great confidence to be able to listen to someone who gives the impression they are in charge and have a firm hold of the situation, no matter how thorny.

    UFU Member, Beef and Sheep farmer from Aughnacloy

  • We used the BASC pest control scheme to get rid of a rabbit problem we had.  It was free through our UFU membership and was a great help as it saved me the time and money having to get rid of the rabbits myself. 

    James Lawson